Message from Chairman

As a leading company in China rolling stock industry, CNR succeed to century accumulation and committed to innovation. CNR effectively digests, absorbs and recreates imported technology, commits itself to mastering critical know-how and elevating its self-determination and originality, and CNR is rapidly and significantly speeding up the heavy-load freights and maximizing the speed of passenger cars in China, as well as, in the global market, currently we export our products to nearly 80 countries and regions. We advanced the development of new wagons through innovations and experiences. It leads the development of 70-ton and 80-ton wagons, which marked a new epoch in Chinese railway transportation for both speed and load.

CNR has world-leading manufacturing and refurbishment facilities for high-speed MUs. According to SCI Verkehr,CNR was the largest manufacturer of MUs with a maximum operating speed over 300km/h in the world in terms of aggregate number of units delivered in 2011 and 2012. According to CRC, CNR won the bids for 66.0% of the total number of MUs with speeds over 300km/h that China Railway Corporation(CRC) purchased in 2013. All the MUs currently running on the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city railway, the first 300 km/h high-speed railway in China which commenced operation in 2008, are the CRH3 MUs manufactured by CNR.

According to SCI Verkehr,CNR also were the largest manufacturer of electric locomotives in the world, in terms of aggregate number of units delivered between 2008 and 2012.We won the bids for 53.2% of the total number of locomotives that CRC purchased in 2013.CNR has world-class electric locomotive and diesel locomotive product and technology platforms.Our product,HXD3 6-axle 7,200kW high-power AC electric locomotive won the First Prize of National Technology Progress Award in 2010, representing the highest award received in China’s history for the development of AC locomotives.

The strategic plan for the “Join the World, Drawing the Future” mission is: Exploring three markets in railway transportation, related diversified and international business; Implement the four strategies of innovation, integration, merger and internationalization; Build for the industries of railway equipment, electromechanical equipment, engineering equipment and modern service. As a world leading company, we work hard to ensure that CNR consistently merits the confidence of its customers, partners and stockholders around.