China CNR Corporation Limited is a limited liability company promoted by China Northern Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry (Group) Corporation in association with Datong Qianjin Investment Co., Ltd; China Chengtong Holdings Group Limited and China Huarong Assets Management Co., Ltd with the approval of the State Council and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). Founded on June 26, 2008.

History of China CNR represents the history of the development of the rolling stock industry, development and change trains rings mapping the history of the rise of China for centuries.

The key milestones in our business are as follows:

  • Start to manufacture the diesel locomotive of the first major kind in China named “Giant Dragon”, which was renamed as “Dong Feng” diesel locomotive.
  • The locomotive named “Qianjin”, which we manufactured, became the most commonly used locomotive in China’s steam locomotive fleet.
  • MOR Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industrial Corporation* was established with 34 subsidiary factories and 4 research institutes.
  • Manufactured China’s first passenger coach with an aluminum alloy body using China-owned intellectual property rights.
  • Assembled in China, which was jointly developed by us and Alstom,representing the first-class level technology in the field of world-wide heavy-duty express freight.
  • CNR was established as a joint stock limited company on 26 June 2008.
  • Manufactured the first world-leading domestically made HXN3 high-power AC diesel locomotive.
  • Manufactured the HXD23B high-power AC freight locomotive with the highest power per unit in the world.
  • Manufactured the first domestically made Hexie CRH3 high-speed MU with a speed of 350km/h, making China one of the few countries able to manufacture 350km/h high-speed trains.
  • CNR Changchun entered into an agreement to supply 10 trains with 30 metro cars for MTR Corporation Limited, marking our successful entry into the world’s top-tier metro car market.
  • CNR was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock code: 601299).
  • Developed one of the fastest MU in the world, CRH380BL, featuring a continuous running speed up to 350kw/h and a maximum running speed of 380km/h.
  • Acquired 100% equity interest of CNR Shenyang from CNRG to streamline our Company’s operation and avoid competition with CNRG.
  • The world’s first alpine locomotive CRH380B MU with a speed of 350kw/h operating at high latitudes and low winter temperatures produced by us was exclusively used on Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway lines.
  • Together with our Controlling Shareholder, CNRG, established CNR Financial to provide financial consultancy, guarantees services and entrusted loans to member enterprises.
  • Acquired a 38.44% equity interest in CNR Yingtai, a company engaged in information technology services.
  • Acquired an 80% equity interest in Xi’an Golden Wind Technology Co., Ltd., a PRC manufacturer of wind power generator.
  • Undertook the Shenyang Hunnan New District Modern Tram Project, which is the first modern tram project in China.
  • Listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (6199.HK).