Company Profile

China CNR Corporation Limited is a joint stock company with limited liability incorporated in the PRC on 26 June 2008, whose A Shares have been listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange since 29 December 2009 and H Shares on Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 22 May 2014 with stock code of 601299 and 6199 respectively.

As a leading company in China rolling stock industry and an important member of the rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry around the world, CNR directly held 26 subsidiaries established in the PRC and three subsidiaries incorporated in Hong Kong, South Africa and the U.S respectively. CNR focuses primarily on the manufacturing and refurbishment of rolling stock, including high-speed MUs, locomotives, passenger coaches, freight wagons, rapid transit vehicles, railway engineering machinery and equipment and core system and components of rolling stock. CNR also engaged in the manufacturing of mechanical and electric products and clean energy and environmental protection equipment, trading of raw materials, finance leasing of rolling stock and machines and equipment, and project management contracting service for urban rail and other related projects with the aim of providing future cities with systematic solutions.

CNR developed and maintained a team of capable and motivated managerial, technical and other employees, made ​​a large number of major national scientific researches. CNR has been selected to supply all rail transportation equipment, independent research and development projects in the first batch of “Eleventh Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Program. Focused on project approval, and “Locomotive exceed the past, Passenger coaches create greater achievement, Wagon continued to lead” strategy has achieved remarkable results. We have a complete product portfolio of MUs, along with a world-class research and development platform for high-speed MUs, offer high-speed MUs with maximum operating speed ranging from 200km/h to 380km/h. CRH380BL MUs recorded the world’s then highest experimental speed of 487.3km/h on railway lines in operation, and successfully commenced operation in 2011. We were the largest manufacturer of MUs with a maximum operating speed over 300km/h in the world, won the bids for 66.0% of the total number of MUs with speeds over 300km/h that CRC purchased in 2013. “HXD3 series six-axle 7,200kw high-power AC electric locomotive” won the First Prize of National Technology Progress Award. Continuing to lead the upgrading of China’s railway freight wagons with a world-leading freight wagon fatigue and vibration testbed, CNR has developed over 80% of the railway freight wagon models in China. CNR was the largest manufacturer of metro cars, a major type of rapid transit vehicles, in the world in terms of aggregate number of units delivered from 2008 to 2012. CNR is able to offer complete types of rapid transit vehicles products and offer more than 200 sub-divided types of metro cars, light rail cars, inter-city railcars and trams also have the capability to develop and manufacture maglev cars. Meanwhile, relying on the core technology, CNR continues to extend to the field of related diversification, electrical equipment, construction machinery and other related industries emerged as a good momentum of development. With the rapid expansion of the international market, CNR exports products to over 80 countries and regions. CNR has been successfully expanded the sales of locomotives, rapid transit vehicles and freight wagons into some developed countries’ market. Rapid transit vehicles have been sold to and operate in high-end markets such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and etc.

The strategic plan for the “Join the World, Drawing the Future” mission is: Exploring three markets in railway transportation, related diversified and international business; Implement the four strategies of innovation, integration, merger and internationalization; Build for the industries of railway equipment, electromechanical equipment, engineering equipment and modern service. As a world leading company, we work hard to ensure that CNR consistently merits the confidence of its customers, partners and stockholders around.