Mr. Yu Weiping’s Elaboration of Vision of Cooperation In Boao Forum

   Source:   Author:   Date:2015-04-27

On March 28, 2015, Mr. Yu Weiping, China CNR Vice President, elaborated vision of bilateral High Speed Rail cooperation between Russia and China in Boao Forum.
Mr. Yu Weiping said that near 9000 Km one-way international railway between Beijing and Moscow has been operated more than 60 years which was treated as “a symbol of friendship between China and Russia”.

Both China and Russia can cooperate on investment, high speed railway construction, equipment manufacturing and high speed railway operation, etc. Moscow- Kazn high speed railway which is part of Eurasian high speed railway corridor will be preferentially implemented and are designed to be processed. This will be a win-win benefit cooperation and will let Russia achieve advanced, developed, reliable, economic and applicative high speed railway technology to establish high speed railway network rapidly.