CNR metro cars will be landing United States and achieving six continents full coverage

   Source:   Author:   Date:2014-10-24
     Local time on October 22 (Beijing time, October 23) afternoon, the Massachusetts transportation authority (MBTA) formally approved that 284 Metro vehicles will be purchased from China CNR and equipped red line and orange line subway in Boston. This is the first time of China's railway transportation equipment enterprise won the global tender in United States.

    The global tender invitation was issued in May of this year, total 284 vehicles consisting of 152 in orange line and132 in red line. China CNR and other rail transportation equipment manufacturing companies in the world are respectively to bid for this project. Eventually, China CNR won the project independently. This is the second time that China CNR won the bidding, after winning the year2011 France wagon complete, to developed countries in Europe and America. Since then, the CNR rail transportation equipment have been distributed in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania six continents already.