CRRC established

   Source:   Author:   Date:2015-06-02
On 1 Jun, 2015, the first meeting of CRRC Board of Directors was held in Beijing. The meeting passed through the result as follow:
Chairman: Cui Dianguo
Vice-Chairman: Zheng Changhong, Liu Hualong
President: Xi Guohua
CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC) ― a merger between China CNR Corporation Limited (CNR) and CSR Corporation Limited (CSR) in accordance with the principle of reciprocity ― is a listed company with A + H shares. CRRC inherited all businesses and assets of CNR and CSR. It is the largest rolling stock supplier in the world with the largest scale, most complete portfolio and advanced technology. Headquartered in Beijing, CRRC has 175,700 employees.